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Bobs Favorite Sing Along Songs


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Bob's Favorite Sing Along Songs
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Bobs Favorite Sing Along Songs  
Parents Choice Award 2013

High praise for "Bob's Favorite Sing Along Songs"
2013 winner of the top Parent's Choice Award - The Classic.


“...a tri-generational smorgasbord of evergreen children’s songs that encourages the whole family to sing and move along. Fifteen tunes with Bob’s engaging tenor and fifteen instrumentals with terrific arrangements will give you plenty to sing about. It’s comforting to know that in our ever-changing, immediate world that Bob McGrath is a grounded sense of stability and peace like the Northern Star. Thanks Bob, keep up the good work!” 
- John Wood, Kidzmusic.com

"...a father figure to millions via Sesame Street. His voice is as full of character and clarity as ever...the instrumentation that goes with McGrath's inimitable voice is so good that it warranted second versions of the tracks with just the instruments...a terrific interactive experience with preschool age children."
- Family Man Online

"...a great choice for babysitting, children's parties, or just plain family fun."
- Midwest Book Review

"Love that Bob: Decades of Dependability. Few people become instantly familiar when you refer to them by something longer than their actual name. If you name-drop "Bob McGrath" and get head scratching in return, try "Bob from Sesame Street" and watch the jubilation...Bob's voice is just as you remember it - a clear, strong tenor that bends to the necessary emotions of the moment. "
- MrJeff2000

2013 creative child award
Classic Sing Alongs for Kids category
Creative Child Magazine

"by moms and educators"

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